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Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride

Though I usually make at least an attempt to avoid repetitive subjects, it seems impossible to discuss Halloween and its movies without a certain director's name appearing more than a few times.  Yes, it's another round of Tim Burton and one of his wonderfully dark and beautifully twisted  works.  This beat belongs to The Corpse Bride, beat being a key word.

Danny Elfman, the maestro himself, joins with his longterm friend and collegue Burton in bringing this animated treat to life.  And it is a treat - no tricks from Halloween Movies for Kids! The sheer complexity of all the components incorporated in the film, somehow in Burton/Elfman simplicity, insures that the evening will be filled with a worthy film for any adults watching while all the kids are entertained before going on their yearly sugar hunt.

One must admit, it's rather hard not to love such an adorable couple.


Yes, the poster reads right;. on the off chance of the movie was not going to be stellar enough - only possible through a major planet's misalignment - the two starring voice actors are none other than Johnny Depp as Victor, the bereaved groom (though not of who you think!) and Helena Bonham Carter voicing the dulcet toned and dreamer (and dead) Emily.

Caveat to parents: due to nature of the subject matter, there are scenes that will need reviewing before certain ages should watch - this depends in this case heavily on the particular young viewer.  Just be forewarned that death is not exactly shed away from here.

In point, that is one of the best aspects of the movie.  Often time we are taught to feel only revulsion in regards to the 'possibility' of joining the afterlife.  In Corpse Bride, Tim Burton endeavors the create the opposite reaction, even as that fear is a factor big enough to almost be another character. The Shakespearian emotions surrounding the entire situation are heightened by visual and audible reinforcement - a shy smile as bones show through, or an unexpected reaction to a situation.

All the while, the plot grows more intricate. Spoilers incoming.

Victor, who is appreciatively Victorian in attitude, is on the road to marriage. Through sheer bad luck (that had a little help) he ends up betrothed to a charming and strong willed... corpse.  Having been murdered years back the night before her wedding, Emily, our sparkling specter, is doomed to wander etc until she marries. This can be a difficult enough task without factoring in maggots.

Elfman takes this impossible dark tale and turns it beautiful and real through his music once again.  Warner Bros has the soundtrack available to listen to on line here.

In the end, through some very... unique... twists and turns, the dead and living are sorted out and everyone has their (almost) happy ending.  A fantastic movie for the older kids and to discuss with other parents while the kids trick-o-treat.

Enjoy everyone.

Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride - 2005 - rated PG - Directors Tim Burton and Mike Johnson - Starring Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Emily Watson and with music and talents from Danny Elfman, 

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